Which one do you guys prefer?

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    dfgdfg I can’t decide! D: He looks so gorgeous both ways. I’m a sucker for the suit, but I think I like his hair better...
  2. uncaughtcriminal answered: study in pink. The curly hair does it for me ;)
  3. delicateweepingaudreyflower answered: Definitely Pink!Sherlock. Pilot!Sherlock is adorkable but I don’t think that really works for the character. Also so for being a creeper. >.<
  4. lustfuljesusir answered: the one from pink looks more mature!
  5. frenchmymistake answered: I like Benedicts hair in the pilot better :) but he can be sexy in any way shape or form…
  6. wefewwehappyfew answered: A Study in Pink, absolutely.
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  8. psychedk answered: They both have their pros and cons, but I’d say A Study in Pink, I love the expensive suits!
  9. le-jardine-d-eden answered: a study in pink
  10. redskyknight answered: DO WE HAVE TO CHOOSE?!…(pilot!sherlock’s hair+pilot!drunk scene+real!sherlock’s attitude, okay?)
  11. buckyboobaby answered: Both *cough* atthesametime *cough*
  12. cumbaebatch answered: Pilot? ^^
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  14. ohyeahdull answered: Study in Pink. But cuter -and jeans- in the Pilot
  15. natashathedog answered: study-in-pink. much more alien, much hotter, more sherlocky
  16. hammandbuble answered: I actually like Pilot!Sherlock’s hair better, but I prefer Pink!Sherlock’s overall look.
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    Oooooh lovely. And definitely series!Sherlock, pilot!Sherlock isn’t quite…. Sherlock yet.
  18. willowmansdaughter answered: A Study In Pink: PilotSherlock looks like the guy Sherlock *fakes* being to get buzzed into Van Coon’s building in The Blind Banker.
  19. devianta answered: A study in pink
  20. concussedparanoia answered: delicious though the pilot sherlock was… a study in pink wins for me. (look at those curls, crap i’m a fangirl)
  21. dancingtimelord answered: a Study in Pink
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    a Study in Pink
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    A Study in Pink… I like the shaggy hair :-D
  24. dederants answered: A Study in Pink… I like the shaggy hair :-D
  25. wearthewindythong answered: the character in study in pink, but the look in pilot
  26. moriartyseyebrows answered: Study in Pink ;)
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  28. imusingupallmyinternet answered: study in pink for the acting but pilot for the look :)
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